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I am Goddess Sonya, a Professional Dominatrix & Video Producer residing in NYC. I've been in the scene for 10 years now and I still enjoy what I do as if this were my first year. What I love most is creating videos for my fans to enjoy.

I used to wish I had a camera on hand in my sessions to capture some of the more awesome moments on film. Now, with my website I'm able to bring you some of those fantastic moments and then some! Ever since I returned from the OWK, I've been in love with the process of sharing what's in my head with all of you. I'm always fantasizing about ways to make my boys suffer and to make my girls squeal with delight



I don't recall a  specific moment or event in my early years that set me on the course to expressing my "Kink" gene; I always thought of myself as precocious and experimental. I was raised with good Caribbean values and went to church every Sunday, but I was never made to feel shame or guilt about my interests or proclivities. I am thankful that I was allowed to blossom and explore my desires, untethered by social or theological rules, to become the sensual and dominant woman I was meant to be. It was Kismet.



My Story...



My journey into BDSM started when I answered an ad for "Dominatrices" in the paper. I didn't know I was what is called a "Dominant" at the time, or that I could even be a Dominatrix; I envisioned tall, buxom blondes  in leather anytime I'd ever heard the word. But something shifted inside me that day when I read that ad. I guess it was just meant to be. It was kismet.

After some restless years of working in Houses of Domination (as Mistress Faith for a while; I was asked to change my name because they already had a Sonya), I decided I would strike out on my own and create a website to advertise myself. The houses were great for a start, but I felt like I was a square peg being squeezed into a round hole. Besides, I knew what I wanted and that was at odds with their policies. Plus, I wanted to use my own name again.

Years later, after a pretty non-traditional path, I decided to create my own members site showcasing tasteful ethnic talent. I figured instead of waiting for Producers to come around and show Ebony women in a more respectful, less stereotypical light, I would become that Producer myself.



Welcome to My World. I hope you like what I've done with it...


Goddess Sonya's Official FemDom Website. You'll find quality Black FemDom and Ebony Fetish videos, Video Clips and Photos. Activities such as foot worship, face-sitting, strap-on play, face slapping, bi male sex instruction, domination and more, all performed by Goddess Sonya and her sexy ethnic friends can be found inside. Don't keep them waiting, come on in!


Goddess Sonya
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