Sissy Maid Gets Punished Part 2 Video

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Sissy Maid Gets Punished Part 2

, Dildo Worship/Training, Cross Dressing, Strap-On/Training, Black Dominatrix, Black Fetish Porn
Sissy Maid gabriella shirks her duties and doesn't clean Goddess Sonya's boots properly. Now, not only does she get her painted slutty face slapped repeatedly, she has to clean the boots with her mouth. Then, as further punishment, Goddess Sonya decides to make her suck her cock and to fuck her good and proper to help her to understand what a useless whore she really is. For her final act of contrition, gabriella licks Mistress's boots some more. Part 2 - Goddess Sonya makes her suck cock and fucks her until she's learned her lesson.

Sissy Maid Gets Punished Part 2 Comments

Aug 11, 2008 5:50 AM by guest
WOW lOVE tobe turnedinto Your good gurl slut
Apr 5, 2008 11:33 PM by guest
i loved howyou made your sissy slut suck your dildo and then fuck him in the ass! i'm a sissy slut myself, and i like to dress in my lewather or vinyl outfit, boots and panties and sucking on my own 12" black dildo while watching you make your sissy slut suck on your strap-on Goddess! sissy slut pamela
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