Human Furniture/Face Seat Video

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Human Furniture/Face Seat

, Face-Sitting/Smothering, Human Furniture, Black Dominatrix, Black Fetish Porn
Slave P. is lucky to be Goddess Sonya's seat for her bottom and a rest for her feet as she paints her nails, chats on the phone and catches up on reading.

Human Furniture/Face Seat Comments

Aug 28, 2008 8:19 AM by guest
wish i could be the Goddesses furniture
Jan 1, 2008 4:08 AM by guest
Dearest, Demanding Goddess Sonya .... Every video clip i watch is more mesmerizing than the next .... This one reminded me of a time many years ago when i was a junior in H.S and was reading while sitting on a stone wall during lunch hour ... a beautiful senior girl who i didn't know came over and asked if she could lay down on the same wall and use my legs as a pillow to prop her head up ... i agreed and then She fell asleep in the sun ... i didn't want to wake Her so i skipped my next class .... ever since then i have always loved being used as furniture and this video is imaginative and provocative and absolutely spellbinding .... i hope someday We/we can watch a full length movie on Your DVD player with me tied up in the same way as Your furniture .... submissively Yours always .... sonyet .... (SONya's pET :-) )
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